Meet the Tribe

Meet each of us on our own unique page

TD Tassie Devil

Helps with adding MORE: playfulness, resilience, confident, inspiration and humour.

Helps with LESS: anger, frustration, dis-interest and suspicious.

Pili Possum

Helps with adding MORE: affection, thankfulness, trusting and reassurance

Helps with LESS: aggressiveness, feeling unsupported, alone and trapped.

Brydie Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo

Helps with adding MORE: happiness, creative, strong-minded, contentment, cared for, motivation and playfulness.

Helps with LESS: underachieving, lost, reckless, stuck and scared.

Emory Echidna

Helps with MORE: ok with feeling alone, knowledgeable, imaginative and self-assertive.

Helps with LESS: confusion, lost in thought and less spinning out of control.

Percy Platypus

Helps with MORE: acceptance and love of uniqueness, curiosity, peacefulness and self-acceptance.

Helps with LESS: shyness, afraid and distress with being alone.

Mani Magpie

Helps with adding MORE: curiosity, friendliness, caring, upbeat and intrigued.

Helps with LESS: indifference, distractibility, crankiness and revengeful mindset

Drew Dingo

Helps with adding MORE: generosity, respectfulness, clear-headed, loved, curious and feeling of inclusion.

Helps with LESS: feelings of being mistreated, ignored, stuck and anxious.

Frill Frill Neck Lizard

Helps with adding MORE: pride, self-confidence, imagination, carefree and hopeful.

Helps with LESS: scared, doubtful and controlling.

Kodie Kookaburra

Helps with MORE: intelligence, laughter, social skills, passion, connected and feeling of belonging.

Helps with LESS: feelings of rejection, over-stimulation, abandonment and self-critical.

Earlie Emu

Helps with MORE: hard-working, strong-minded, diligence, respectfulness, passion, tolerance and ambitious.

Helps with LESS: being puzzled, self-conscious and critical, reluctant, withdrawn, lazy and fidgety.

The graphic below introduces you to the 10 Australian Tribe animals, their main emotions (more are spoken about within the book:), and the skills they teach.  Look through and see which animal highlights you and/or your child the most.  While we are actually capable of being all of the animals and we should aim to embody all of them, we will define more with some than others.  The others are often the skills we need to develop.   My eldest often loves listening to TD’s and Drew’s chapters.  My youngest sees himself most in Frill and Brydie.  

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