Mani Magpie

Hi, I’m Mani

I’m here to share me with you. In sharing me with you, I aim to help you learn skilful life tools and bring understanding to when poor choices are made.

Here are some of the emotions I help your family learn about: curiosity, being friendly, intrigued, distracted, cranky and revengeful.

My skilful tools are:
  • Understanding healthy boundaries
  • Utilising Journalling for emotional regulation and self-awareness
Other things I’ll teach you about:
  • Importance of opposites: within the one person and also within relationships
  • Anxiety, and the inner worlds and voices of everyone in the family.
  • The need for understanding, respecting and maintaining our own and others boundaries
  • Meditation and mindfulness

Friendships are so important to me. I’m intrigued about you. Share what you’re comfortable with below.

  • What star sign are you?
  • How do see my opposite colours?
  • How do you accept and like yourself?
  • What do you do or say to yourself that is loving and self-accepting?
  • What is your opposites tally?
  • Have you, where and why have you used your boundary mantras?
  • How do you meditate and be mindful?
  • What have you noticed about your breathing and choice making? 
  • What is your favourite way to journal?
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