Emory Echidna

Hi, I’m Emory

I’m here to share me with you. In sharing me with you, I aim to help you learn skilful life tools and bring understanding to when poor choices are made.

Here are some of the emotions I help your family learn about: solidarity, stubborn, uniqueness, confusion, spinning out of control and lost in thought.

My skilful tools are:
  • Scientific Investigation Tool
  • Quill Wear
Other things I’ll teach you about:
  • the importance to value and give time for imagination
  • Traits: we have all of them and how to turn them on, off, down or up.
  • Small details vs big picture
  • Ordering emotions to regulate and communicate
  • Asking and accepting help and support

Send me, Emory some mail via the form below. I’d love to hear from you.

  • Did your parents have a special name for you when your were in your mummy’s tummy or a new-born?
  • What do you love thinking and learning about?
  • Do you ever find yourself in a daydream?
  • Do you have a favourite day/night dream?
  • Do you have a favourite place to let your imagination be free?
  • Are you like me with details or Brydie with big picture?
  • Do you think, research and investigate so much that you end up not doing very much or time just flies past? 
  • What do you think of my F.I.T.S?
  • Do you think we wear emotions like we do clothes, on our outside or are they just inside us?
  • What do you call your Frill or Quill Flip?
  • Do you have a favourite skilful tool?
  • Do you have a least favourite skilful tool?
  • Which one would you like to start trying out?
  • Are there any skilful choice options you think an adult in your life would benefit from knowing, learning and using?
  • Should I try Drew’s Calming Wheel? (why or why not?)
  • Are you doing some of my Me WisDooms?
  • What do you think would be helpful for you in these moments?
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