About the Tribe

The Me You We Tribe, is based on ten Australian animals who will help teach strategies to bring relief from anxiety, minimise the need for meltdowns, and reduce relationship battles.

The animals teach healthy ways of vocalising feelings and needs, as well as scientific ways of understanding and experiencing the world of emotions.

The Me You We Tribe will help your kids express all their emotions while learning healthy and unhealthy ways of expressing themselves, their emotions and needs.

The Tribe members also share how they choose to skilfully express themselves in order to get their needs met, and what happens when emotions get too big, leading to poor choices being made, needs hidden and going unmet.

Unlike other parenting books…

  • The Tribe is a whole family book. The best way forward is modelling to your kids as well as explicitly teaching. What are you modelling and explicitly teaching? The Me You We Tribe have tips, tools and skills all in the one place.
  • It comes alive with the Etoolbox, not a dust collector on the bookshelf. The tools and skills are beautifully explained and presented by the Tribe animals in the ebook and audiobook. Then we have the delightful Etoolbox which brings all the skills to life; print so you can easily apply in daily busy life.
  • Plus the addition of the Tribe Oil Packs.

Why buy the Tribe?

  • because you/your child/partner are experiencing emotions,
  • because You’re in a relationship with yourself and others (yep it is for everyone:),
  • because you/your child yells, screams and/or hits (hopefully not you),
  • because you/your child seem to struggle to find the words or healthy ways to communicate,
  • because you/your child struggle with anxiety, have experienced trauma, depression, mood swings etc
  • because you/your child struggle with big emotions
  • because your child struggles at school, school refusal, making friends, or separating from you at school drop off,
  • because emotional regulation isn’t YET a mastered,

Why the Tribe was written:

The Me You We Tribe was initially written just for my son, who was struggling with adjusting to kindy. We didn’t have his diagnosis of Autism at the time. School was traumatic. I was feeling powerless, helpless and overwhelmed. I started writing a small booklet for him to have at school. To support the teachers. Within my private practice, I was flooded with families and parents experiencing the same struggles and challenges. It grew into the 11 chapter ebook and etoolbox that your family can also have.

The Why

The 10 Australian animals teach relationship empowerment skills to your family as a united, loving and respectful tribe.

Why it is for you and your kids:

  • If you’re concerned about how to parent their big emotions
  • If you’re concerned about how to co-parent and help your kids not be traumatised by separation
  • If you’re out of resources because you’re exhausted from the constant fighting and battles around technology behaviour, respect (or lack of), not being heard or listened to
  • If you’re wanting to show up as your best parenting self
  • If you’re wanting to become clearer and more conscious about how you as the big person regulate your own emotions
  • If you’re wanting to find the ‘words’ to say to your kids in heightened moments to de-escalate rather than pro-long the battle and relationship rupture
  • If you’re wanting to arm your kids with relationship skills that will mean their future partner thanks you 🙂
  • If you’re wanting to arm your kids with strong and healthy relationship and self boundaries so they are treated with love and respect from future partners
  • If you’re wanting to pace a path of success for your kids
  • If you’re wanting to provide the best for your kids
  • If you’re wanting to help your kids have a loving, respectful and healthy relationship with themselves and you.

Examples of tools and strategies

(p.s. there are over 20)

There is also a Youtube movie showing all the skills and tools that the animals teach, which are all within the Etoolbox.

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