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Jessie Paterson

That is me, Jessie, this photo was taken before I attended my friends glorious Hindu wedding. Normally, though, you’ll see me sporting a mum pony or bum, something quick and easy as I’ve got two young boys and a thriving private therapy practice.

Who am I and why should you listen to anything I have to say or write:

  • I am a mum for two beautiful boys. One with Autism superpowers.
  • I am professionally training to post-graduate level and running a private practice since 2015. Plus associate therapist at Hills Relationship Centre.
  • I have a primary school teaching degree.
  • I live and breathe – Relationship Empowerment. This starts with how I choose to show up for myself, the boys, in relationships and within my professional work. I practice what I preach. And just like everyone, I have my own not best mummy self moments. And just like everyone, my kids have challenges, that push and extend me.
  • I have (sometimes still am) the parent who gets the call from the school to come and pick their child up because the child isn’t coping with the expectations and demands.
  • I have been (at times still am) the parent who feels helpless and hopeless and out of skills to cope. While knowing deep within my heart that I’m doing my best and the best for the boys.
  • I’ve taken time to write this book, making sure to provide useful, practical and accessible information. I started writing this book for my eldest son when he was 6yrs old and having far too many traumatic experiences at school. I was desperate to ease some of the distress and pain being caused. I didn’t wish for his first year at school to be laying down such horrific experiences leading to negative self belief and PTSD. Not being at school with him I couldn’t mitigate what was happening, I just had to take the learning opportunities that were being thrown at us. Teach, love and care for him through it. Learning opportunities, I’m not talking academic, I talking about, at times, profound emotional and brain regulation strategies, relationship skills with self and others and how to maintain healthy boundaries. He wasn’t learning academically because he was constantly in fight or flight due to his heightened levels of feeling unsafe and anxious. I was desperate to find ways to support him and the staff at the school to care for his nervous system and care for his brain. He wasn’t going to learn without that happening first. They weren’t going to get ‘a child to confirm to what the education system needs’ without that happening first – mind you I don’t think they’ll ever get that with his bright soul.
Family Holiday, at one of our favourite places in the world, Kiama.

The three boys of the house engaging in a self soothing strategy we use – lego play. This also assists in their negotiations skills.

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