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The Why

The 10 Australian animals teach relationship empowerment skills to your family as a united, loving and respectful tribe.

Why it is for you and your kids:

  • If you’re concerned about how to parent their big emotions
  • If you’re concerned about how to co-parent and help your kids not be traumatised by separation
  • If you’re out of resources because you’re exhausted from the constant fighting and battles around technology, behaviour, respect (or lack of), not being heard or listened to
  • If you’re wanting to show up as your best parenting self
  • If you’re wanting to become clearer and more conscious about how you as the big person regulate your own emotions
  • If you’re wanting to find the ‘words’ to say to your kids in heightened moments to de-escalate rather than pro-long the battle and relationship rupture
  • If you’re wanting to arm your kids with relationship skills that will mean their future partner thanks you 🙂
  • If you’re wanting to arm your kids with strong and healthy relationship skills so they are treated with love and respect from future partners. As well as treating their partners with love and respect.
  • If you’re wanting to pave a path of success for your kids
  • If you’re wanting to provide the best for your kids
  • If you’re wanting to help your kids have a loving, respectful and healthy relationship with themselves and you.

How the Tribe will help your kids:

– Bring relief from anxiety,

– Minimise the need for meltdowns,

– Reduce relationship battles.

– Help with separation anxiety,

– Provide relief from school refusal,

– They’ll help reduce the sibling rivalry,

– The animals teach healthy ways of vocalising feelings and needs,

– They provide scientific ways of understanding and experiencing the world of emotions, in ways that kids can relate to.

To mention a few, to discover more, head to About the Tribe.

To meet all 10 incredible Tribe animals, let’s go to their dedicate pages.

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What people are saying...

“I love listening to the Tribe animals. They are so much like me.”

8yr old boy with autism and anxiety

“I’ll be buying the full package as my gift for all future baby showers I’m invited too. Such valuable information for parents.

mum to three kids and couples therapist

“I wish I had this book and knowledge years ago. My kids are older now but editing it has helped my marriage.”

Sarah who edited the book

“Best purchase I’ve made for my kids and marriage.”

Joanna, mum of two boys and 12yrs married

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